Rhonda & Ventus (Rhonda’s band)

rhonda1Ventus, Latin for “wind”, expresses the essence of Larson’s vision and approach to music: “music without label or genre boundaries, with inherent musical qualities of inspiration that celebrate the human spirit.”

It is forever challenging to describe Rhonda Larson & Ventus‘ music with one word, or even one genre of music. That is thanks to her good training in the Paul Winter Consort! Rhonda plays many ethnic flutes from around the world, writes her own music, and has arranged others from ethnic and folk traditions. This includes Celtic, middle-eastern, Native American, sacred chant, and medieval music, to name a few.

Rhonda Larson & Ventus‘ music has been described as, “…the Bela Fleck of the flute-world with the melodic accessibility of Loreena McKennitt, Pat Metheny-esque harmonies, exotic percussion/rhythms from Africa and the Middle East, all topped off with a Celtic sense of celebration.”

For over 25 years, Rhonda has performed all over the world delighting her audiences with a style all her own.  Born and raised in the mountains of the ‘Big Sky’ country of Montana, Rhonda was instilled wiht a nature-loving, trail-blazing ‘wild west’ spirit and a mountain-top perspective as to creative possibilites.  She is a ‘flutriloquist’, a term she uses to describe her remarkable ability to sing and play the flute simultaneously, as well as her unique illusory technical skill of playing both harmony and melody at the same time.  Grammy award-winning Larson is featured on more than 20 commercial recordings, including two solo releases, Free as a Bird, and Distant Mirrors.

Their concerts take the audience on an international musical pilgrimage.  Rhonda Larson & Ventus frequently perform under the auspices of the US Embassy—a natural fit for Larson, given that her forte is the use of music as a diplomatic medium in addressing conditions of the human soul common to all peoples.

In the past two years, Rhonda Larson & Ventus have performed over fifty concerts throughout China, a country where for thousands of years the flute has been prevalent and adored. The Chinese do not think it ‘unusual’ for a Player of the Flute to lead a band and perform her distinctive variety of music, and she thanks them greatly for their perspicacious appreciation of her artistry.

The comment Ms. Larson hears most frequently following her shows goes something like this (in all its variations): “…my wife made me come, and I couldn’t imagine what a flute concert would be like, and you have completely converted me.  I had no idea the flute could sound like that, and you touched me very deeply.  My wife won’t have to force me to come the next time….”  When asking Ms. Larson what people might expect at their performance, she immediately responded with, “Two sure things:  1)  To find yourself happily surprised, and 2) “This is not your Grandmother’s flute recital!”

WATCH Rhonda Larson & Ventus performingPaul Halley’s “Montana” (YouTube 5 min)

Listen to Rhonda Larson & Ventus in “The Way of the River”


As well as full concerts with the trio, Rhonda Larson & Ventus appear as guest soloists with Symphony Orchestras on their Pops or Regular Subscription series. Over one hour of Larson’s music is fully orchestrated for this purpose.


Besides her work with the Ventus trio, Rhonda also offers a one-woman show with her variety of flutes and diverse music. This is an intimate and uplifting performance, where she single-handedly takes the audience on an enchanting musical pilgrimage for the head and the heart.





Rhonda Larson